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Nobody Watching Honesty

Nobody watching honesty means what you do when nobody is looking is the same as what you do when someone is watching. If this isn’t the level of your honesty, it’s because there’s a lack of self awareness.

One way to alleviate suffering is to develop honesty with yourself. Here’s a definition of honesty “the quality of being truthful” to me this is strictly about being true to yourself because when I’m true to me, there’s no way I can’t be true to you. I’ve learned a lot about self honesty in the last ten years and it’s something that eluded me for most of my life. Honesty isn’t about what is shown to the world, it’s about what is done when no one is watching. The world is easily fooled because of the conditioning in place; what does it matter if one gains the whole world, but loses themselves.

Honesty is a huge hurdle in breaking the chains of the Conditioned Mind, without it truth cannot be revealed. If I don’t know what blocks me from being honest with myself, the blocks will remain. Without establishing what I call “nobody watching honesty” one remains stuck in their old habits because there’s no room for anything new. Certain things trigger certain thoughts and if those thoughts are attached to it’s usually because self honesty has been compromised. Although there’s no right or wrong in this, this does make someone act in ways as if nobody’s watching which they wouldn’t necessarily do if someone was watching.

To thine own self be true because it’s only yourself that keeps you in bondage. This self honestly is tied in with loving yourself; when you’re honest with yourself, you’re truly loving yourself because you’re making room for the mind to expand. This allows for the honesty to do what you do when no one is watching just as you would in front of others. Difficult yes, but only because nobody watching honesty isn’t what’s in place.