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Shelter From the Storm

Existence is based in the energy of love, but this energy is not a preventer of tragedies. It’s simply a place to dwell to get shelter from the so called life storms, and they will come, but one doesn’t have to be overcome by them.

Our world is one of tragedy and pain just as it’s of joy and fulfillment. An omnipresence is what’s common regardless of what happens, but we cannot escape the tragedies of life. Our beliefs or our faith do not make us immune to them. We were never promised that life would be without tragedies, but there’s an omnipresence that’s there no matter what we face. Someone once wrote that “Peace does not come with the absence of troubles, but with the conscious realization of adequate resources.” The omnipresence is the supplier of all the resources we need to get through life’s tragedies. Jesus said, “In this world you have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” He went to the Father often, the omnipresence of his place to dwell.

All our victories belong to the power of love. Many came to bring us this message. Something abides beyond the tragedies and it’s the omnipresence of love. This is the place to dwell for without it we are left to deal with the tragedies with our own created devices. One’s entire existence is based on love, and it’s this awareness that makes us realize we are always on Holy Ground. To understand this there has to be an understanding that there’s a power greater than ourselves, an omnipresence that provides us with the resources we need. Without this understanding it will be difficult to get through life’s tragedies so one can find shelter and walk in the light of our Divine nature.