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Comparing You with Yourself

There’s only one comparison that matters in life, it’s comparing you with yourself and only to the extent of how much freer you are today as opposed to what held you in bondage yesterday.

Each day there are endless opportunities to learn not so much how to be free, but what prevents you from being free. My awakening process has not been one of learning the great secrets of the Universe, it has been a direct comparison of how much bondage there was in my life as opposed to how much there is now. Any spin can be put on this, but to me the bottom line is the less one is controlled by their conditioning, the less bondage there is, and the less bondage there is, the more one comes from a place that tends to be a true benefit to themselves and humanity.

There was conditioning in place to be very selfish for most of my life, I don’t hold this against me, as a matter of fact it doesn’t even matter. What does matter is I’m not like this today, and the only reason this is so is because it was revealed how much suffering being selfish causes; not much else really concerns me. I compare myself to the way I was for forty nine years as opposed to today and what changed was a simple but profound shift that allowed me to not be controlled by the noise of the Conditioned Mind any longer. I use this comparing me to myself as a reflection tool and that’s it. It’s been a true measurement for me, but only to the extent that provides a clear cut picture of how I was and the blessing that’s been bestowed upon me to not be that way anymore.