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Present Moment Tie In

There’s one very important piece that most people miss when it comes to living life in the most beneficial way possible and that’s living in the present moment, not in a conceptual way, but in a way that ties it all in.

Because nothing truly happens outside the realm of Now if the tools one is using to live life don’t tie it all into the present moment, the delusion of everything being somewhere out there will be the base of existence. There has to be a tool in place to tie it in to the Now until this becomes second nature. Life is mostly lived as if it’s somewhere out there because that’s the conditioning in place and until there’s something to establish a tie to the present, nothing changes as the delusion of somewhere out there continues its dominance and living life in a truly beneficial way only occurs by accident.

The breath is one tool that can be used as a tie, there’s also sitting, chants, tapping, guided mediations, and array of other things. The important thing here to realize is that these things aren’t magical, what they do is tie you into the Now and because Now is the only place that truly exist, you are in harmony with life as it is. This simple yet profound truth is missed by most people because of the nonsense (no sense) of the Conditioned Mind and hence your struggle to find this harmony remains. It’s not that harmony isn’t possible, it’s just not experienced because the present moment tie isn’t being utilized.