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No Inherent Label

Nothing that arises inherently has a label, that comes from how the individual perceives the arisen moment and attaches a conditioned label of this or that to what arises... Being in the space of what arises and not attaching a conditioned label to it determines if one truly lives life or if it’s lived in the conditioned realm of a created story of how you think the arisen moment should be. Nothing is inherently good or bad, but when it’s labeled as so it changes the entire dynamics of how the present moment is dealt with. And regardless if it’s labeled good or bad, it creates the same dynamic change of suffering because the labeling makes the moment need to be a certain way. Bad: push it away...Good: pull it in...either way the same discontent is created. Although there may not be awareness of this, the discontent is there nonetheless. Recently I was on vacation in Florida and it was funny just watching the mind constantly trying to create labels to make the arisen moment into a story. When the sun was out the label was good, when it went in or if a thunder shower passed through, bad. There’s a small gym in the hotel that I went to: nobody in there, good, four people in there, bad. First day on vacation, good, last day, bad. These are but a few, the main thing is to just notice this and not attach, but don’t make not attaching into a story of good or bad. When you can really start to recognize this, the labeling process that gets so engrained in the subconscious because of the Conditioned Mind can start to be let go of; this letting go is as simple as just watching what arises and not attaching a label of good or bad.