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Outside the Box

What is considered the box by society entraps most people to the idea of what others think the box is and unless this can be seen to go beyond it, there will just be blind acceptance of someone else’s idea of the box.

Stepping outside of what is considered the box as far as thinking goes is a must if one is to go beyond the trap of the considered box. You may ask why would a person want to go beyond what’s considered the box, here’s why: the so called box is based in form and to be attached to form causes suffering. It’s as simple as that, with the normal attachment to the senses (the box of form), life will still occur, it just won’t be experienced as fully as it can be. There will still be experiences, how can there not be with one being alive, but they will be dictated by form and there’ll be much boxed nonsense associated with them. Societies box entraps one to what others think is considered normal and unless one can see this to go beyond it, there will be blind acceptance of someone else’s idea as your own. It’s an easy trap to get caught in because the bait is so enticing.

This plays right into the reward system that is considered part of societies box. Not too many people do anything that doesn’t have the reward of pleasure associated with it. This can be applied to just about anybody and anything. When was the last time you purposely did something that you knew was going to be unpleasant or without some kind of reward attached to it? This is pivotal in understanding the process of the Conditioned Mind. Until you can just be with whatever arises, without judging it or associating it with pleasure, the box of what society considers normal will be what dictates the life you’re living, and unfortunately it will probably be someone else’s idea of what is considered the box.