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The Spark of Anger

No emotion arises on its own. Many things provide the spark for an emotion, but it’s always “I” energy that is at the core. No matter what happens an emotion can’t arise independent of ”I”.

No emotion arises on its own. There has to be a spark (attachment to “I”) for the emotion to arise. Many things provide the spark for this emotional attachment to take hold, but it’s always “I” energy that is at the core of any emotion. Take a look at the emotion of anger, it doesn’t exist on its own. No matter what happens, anger will never arise independent of ”I”. You cannot be angry without the attachment of “I” so in this case “I” provides the spark for anger to rear its ugly head. The thing about this is conditions have to be a certain way that allows anger, without the conditions being a certain way, anger would never arise; it couldn’t.

Using the example of a forest fire, it too needs conditions to be a certain way for it to ignite; it needs air, heat, and fuel. A forest fire just can’t happen without one of these elements. It needs a spark first of all plus it needs the other two elements in order for the spark to ignite. The same spark wouldn’t even be an issue if it just rained so a forest fire is contingent on conditions being a certain way in order for there to be a fire. This is no difference with emotions, in this case anger. Something happens and the spark of anger is ignited by “I”. If there wasn’t an attachment to “I” prior to something happening, the spark would fizzle out. It would be as if it was raining in the forest; you never hear of forest fires in the rain forest and that’s because conditions simply don’t allow it. Anger is being used here, but this is the way it is with any emotion. Without certain conditions being met there may be a spark, but if “I” isn’t the energy in play, the emotion simply will never arise.