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Wanting Energy

When your not looking to derive pleasure from an arisen want, the want loses its distracting grip, and without being controlled by want you’re able to be with what’s actually in front of you.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with wanting in the sense where it’s good or bad, but because of wantings nature, the mind gets pulled into whatever want arises and you lose touch with what’s in front of you. Wanting can be draining because of the energy it needs. It’s one of the reasons why after certain wanting runs its course, there’s some guilt and remorse that follows. Giving into wanting takes a lot of energy, it’s an energy that can’t sustain itself, it needs constant reinforcement because the self that wants is never fulfilled. Love on the other hand is just the opposite, it needs nothing to sustain itself. It’s neither draining nor does it need reinforcement because it arises from stillness, as everything does. Think about it, everything arises from the energy of stillness and eventually that’s where it returns.

Fulfilling a want is very satisfying or it wouldn’t be so enticing, but because of the nature of want being fulfilled doesn’t last and more energy needs to be spent when more wanting arises. These wants usually occur one right after the other, some are glaring and some are subtle, so it’s difficult to really notice all the wants. The glaring ones seem to have more of an affect on life than the subtle ones, but make no mistake, wanting energy is all the same and it’s only there so “I” can be satisfied. I have found by not attaching to results it really helps in not being overcome by wants, as is the case with my writings. I write and that’s the end of it, it’s what’s in front of me so it’s what I do. When I’m not looking to derive pleasure from an arisen want, the want loses its control and without being controlled by it, I’m able to actually simply do what’s in front of me.