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Life Merges into Itself

Life is continuous until the day that it’s not. It’s broken up into fragments because of the attachment to self. Without this attachment, life simply unfolds as it merges into itself.

The real issue one has with what happens in life is not with what actually happens, issues arise because of how there’s attachment to a self to that breaks life up into fragments. As long as one exist in their current form every moment of every day is simply life merging into itself. It becomes fragmented once it’s labeled by an attached self. This transformation of life from one continuous occurrence to fragments happens because of a self that labels it separately. If the self didn’t label life it would still occur, it just wouldn’t be separated into fragments. It would be one continuous occurrence without a self attaching to it and giving it the transforming energy it needs to become fragmented.

The self doesn’t cause issues, the attachment to it does. Life occurs regardless of the self, but what attachment does is it makes life personal. Life is neutral until it’s attached to, then it becomes dualistic. This will have to be investigated to see it. Until you know your self and how it’s at the root of separating life into fragments, there will never be freedom because there will always be attachment. Life occurs even when an individual’s existence is no more, it’s actually not partial to an individual existence, it’s only the attachment to self that makes it seem like it is. Everything that happens is viewed as separate because of attachment, but without this attachment life simply merges into itself as it becomes continuous and is simply allowed to unfold.