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Check It

Check what is said or what’s written before attaching onto the story “I” thinks it needs. Do it with everything heard or read and in this space of checking you will find not only freedom, but also truth…

So much is perceived as being true, it’s just because it has been in place and reinforced for so long, but that alone doesn’t make it true. It matters little who says what, it has to be checked if truth is to be revealed. There was a response by someone yesterday who said true to something written, I asked if it was checked before it was decided that it was true. I’m not even sure what he said true to, but it still needs to be checked if truth is to be revealed. See how the attachment to “I” is at the core of all beliefs which are just created stories that keep you in bondage; it will take much quietness to see this. All I’m saying is check what’s been written or said before holding onto it, even this.

The Conditioned Mind is so subtle so at times someone will write something that is seen differently, to me there is an obligation to at least share what’s been revealed to me. It doesn’t usually go over so well, but I know not to take it personal because of the fact “I” doesn’t like it when it’s told to look at itself. This is because it just may be discovered “I” isn’t needed, but the conditioning in place disguised as “I” will have to defend itself. I responded to something about forgiveness, to me the word forgiveness itself creates bondage. Everyone has a right to see things as they are conditioned, I just know in the present moment there’s just what’s there; nothing more. Anything added is a story and a story whether its given a title of forgiveness, grief, love, hate, or whatever, is an attachment to “I” that keeps one in bondage. This is my view and it has freed me from creating stories, but not many see this because not many check to see beyond “I”.