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Experiencing I Am

So much of our life is spent trying to be what we already are, and the only reason this is done is because the need to be something else is so strong that it blocks one from experiencing I Am.

I talk to many people, but I don’t have anyone else’s answers, I do know how to write an article that poses questions so one can look within to find their own answers. That’s all one can do is point others to look within. My entire life was spent adding to be something other than what I was. I’m not really sure what that was, but I spent an awful lot of time adding things. I was always altering my current state, doing things that solidified this need to alter. It took me many years to find out I Am already what I always wanted to be. It was a shift that allowed me to stop trying to be something else. No more chasing or searching and all because I Am was realized; this is the place of true freedom, at least for me. So much time was unconsciously spent chasing what I already am, but it wasn’t seen because the need to be something else was blocking it from being noticed.

The perfect example of this is a dog chasing its tail. The dog chasing its tail doesn’t realize its own tail is being chased. I wonder what would happen if he caught it, lol? I’m sure it would hurt, but would it hurt as much as constantly chasing something you are never going to catch? Always on the move, but not really getting anywhere. If the dog did catch it’s own tail, it would probably hurt, but at least it would realize what it was doing and it would probably stop doing it. In a way this is what happens when one awakens, you stop trying to be something else so chasing your own tail stops. With most people there’s some pain associated with this stopping, but this is what makes one realize it’s their own tail that’s being chased. When this realization occurs the chasing stops, what then arises is I Am and it’s in the I Am that it’s realized you already are all that you can and will ever be.