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A Fathers Energy

The Father that Jesus turned to provided support so he wouldn’t succumb to the world; this energy is available today in the same capacity. Not as a belief, but as real support to simply anchor you in the present moment so life doesn’t become a created burden.

As I look back at my life when my father was alive, he was considered the rock of our family. It was heart breaking that he died at such a young age; he was 62; to put it in perspective I’m going to be 60 in August. Our family has grown so much since then and life has gone on without him, but although he is not here physically, the energy of love that he gave our family is just as present today as it was back then. True love never dissipates, it sustains itself and deepens, the nature of its energy doesn’t allow it to wane.

Today one of my roles on this stage called life is that of a father, and as my children are now 24 and 22, I gather I am looked upon as a rock, or maybe a pebble lol, but I am there to support them in my role regardless. I look at my role the way the stories describe that Jesus looked to his father, not in the physical sense, but in the sense of energy; simply for support. As the father was there for Jesus, the father is also there for me in the same capacity, as I am there for my children. Turning to the father simply puts one in the only place that exist, the present moment; this is why turning to the father works, it anchors you in the present, which is the only place where one can truly love.