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Deep-Seated Habit Patterns

As long as the deep-seated habit patterns are in control, they will be the energy of your life. This energy arises from deeply rooted conditioning and doesn’t allow you to see what’s truly going on.

Often how things appear to you aren’t how they actually are. If you want to see what’s truly going on, getting beyond the deep-seated habit patterns will have to happen. If two people are looking at the same thing there are usually two different opinions of what is seen, but there’s also what’s beyond the deep-seated formed opinions and that is truth. There’s two sides to every disagreement and than there’s the truth. To stop being led around by your habits, you will need to stop labeling what arises. Stopping the labeling process allows the deep-seated habit patterns to slow to a point where space opens up. It’s imperative for this space to open if the habit patterns that have been formed over the years are to lessen.

Our habits are so misunderstood and this will be known because of the way you react to what arises. I look at my own reactions to see this and in the process I can see it in others; this isn’t a judgement, it’s factual. Understand your own deep-seated habit patterns and you will understand those of others; this is because we are all of the same energy. Creation is simply creation and if you’re fortunate enough to see this, your energy begins to transform in a direction that allows liberation. If this isn’t seen, the deep-seated habit patterns remain as the controlling energy of your life. This energy arises from within and takes on many forms, but the bottom line is the deep-seated habit patterns in place simply don’t allow you to see what’s truly going on.