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A Trusting Heart

There’s the limited you with all the made up concepts and beliefs or there’s the bigger picture, the one where there’s guidance and freedom because there’s trust in the Universe with all your heart.

When the mind is settled one’s guidance comes from the Universe instead of the reliance on one’s own limited concepts and beliefs. There’s a deep trust that arises from the stillness when the mind is settled. It’s in stillness that all life arises from so when one’s mind settles in this stillness, the eternal trust of the Universe is there to still the mind agitations which are the cause of all distrust. When the mind is still it allows for one to live from a heart of love instead of the carnal mind. This connects one with the goodness of life, one’s own internal goodness, and the goodness of all beings. This connection is already there, the only reason this isn’t known is because of the mind agitations that block trust from the stillness of our heart from being known.

When there isn’t trust all kinds of nonsense follows. When it’s learned to discipline the untrusting mind and our agitations slowly subside, what we are naturally left with is a deep trust provided by the Universe. This trust is what’s there beyond the noise of a Conditioned Mind, beyond one’s made up concepts and beliefs. When the mind settles and one is in the space of stillness, there’s trust because in the stillness it’s understood who you truly are. Trust in the Universe with all your heart and allow the mind to settle so you’re not relying on its made up concepts and beliefs to live life. Within this trust life can be lived as intended, as the trusting beautiful being of love that you truly are.