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Thought Made Issues

It’s the Conditioned Mind that takes everything that happens and makes it an issue. You can break free of this hold that the mind has over you when it’s seen you aren’t the mind because you are not your thoughts.

It’s impossible to have an issue with anything in your life that isn’t created by your own mind. This doesn’t mean everything that happens will be the way that it’s wanted, it just means that regardless of what happens it’s your mind that makes it an issue and it comes from within yourself. Lots of things happen throughout the day and each time depending on the way one is conditioned, there’s a choice to make it an issue or not. Everyone has the ability to either make something an issue or not, but to not make up issues takes a certain amount of discipline. What discipline does is it slows down the thought process that runs continuously. This slowing down is the beginning of truth being revealed; without it the necessary quietness that allows this will not happen.

If all you do is think then all there will be are thoughts. This will not allow you to watch the nonsense of the Conditioned Mind unfold, and if this nonsense isn’t seen your mind will never slow down and there won’t be any space created between your thoughts. Life will be thought based (unconsciousness) and the result of this will make it seem as though there’s always some kind of issue. When life slows down, one can see how it’s the Conditioned Mind that takes everything that happens and puts it in a category of being an issue or not, this is when one can break free of the hold the mind has over you and you’ll be able to see that you are not the mind because you are not your thoughts. When this is realized the next step in the evolution process which is learning to just be has begun.