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Doing Nothing

Doing nothing is difficult because of how the mind has been conditioned to reach for something when it becomes agitated. Until you can just be with life as it is, there will always be something that you will have to do.

Doing nothing is the hardest thing I’ve experienced in my awakening. The Buddha was accused of being lazy by some, but those who did the accusing didn’t understand how hard it is to do nothing or they wouldn’t have said that. For many years as long as I was busy the mind seemed to not cause me too many problems, except for the occasional flare up. It wasn’t until there wasn’t much to do that I learned just how much my mind controlled me, but not before it caused me to go to the depths of despair. It is here that I rose up by looking inward at what was really going on. Although this occurred eleven years ago, over the last three months much more on this has been revealed to me as I set out to get my diabetes under control. This revealed the mindless reaching that was still in place to satisfy selfish mind agitations of having to reach for something to satisfy me. I’m learning more and more have devious the Conditioned Mind truly is and until there’s the ability to do absolutely nothing this will not be revealed.

I’ve lost over 20lbs just by stopping the mindless reaching of food (mostly carbs) and adding cardio to my workout. I went from 212lbs to 190lbs and am now off diabetes medication. The nature of what was revealed to me is how much selfishness was still in place. What most people miss about having to always be doing something is it arises from selfish energy. Most people just blame others to justify what they do so they don’t have to look at this. Devious is the Conditioned Mind as it will cause its own destruction by attaching to energy based in greed, hate, and delusion and this will be unknown to the one occupying their human form until the mind settles. Unless this is thoroughly investigated it simply will not be seen as the distractions of having to do something will remain in place. Doing nothing will be just about impossible as will truly understanding my writings, the Buddha, or anyone else who points inward, and until you can just be with life as it is, there will always be something that you will have to do.