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Not Liking Label

Life is as difficult as a not liking label makes it and until one learns to be with what happens without applying a like or dislike label to it, what happens will continue its puppet on string control.

If you don’t particularly like something that’s happening in your life, not liking it comes from you and this is regardless of what it is. You may say there are exceptions to this, but feeding what’s happening with a not liking label, keeps you entrapped to what you have been conditioned not to like. Read this carefully, a not liking label keeps you entrapped to the energy of what you label as don’t like. I’m not saying to go around and ignore the things that occur, but understand the label that’s applied to what happens comes from within you. Many people state their opinions on what I write and that’s okay, but what’s not understood is I only write what’s within me and one can only respond with what’s in them. Neither are right or wrong, to me though it’s important to recognize the truth beneath whatever it is that arises. Regardless of how someone responds to me or what happens in life, to see what arises from within is all that matters.

Liking what’s occurring is the same energy as not liking what’s occurring. It seems different because of how the mind always wants what’s liked as opposed to what’s not liked, but it’s the same labeled energy, it’s just given a different title. Years ago a so called friend ended our relationship because he didn’t understand his not liking energy about me writing a book which really had nothing to do with me. This is how it is with all of life. Even though things will affect you to a degree, giving it a not liking label magnifies the intensity of its energy and how much it affects you. Life is as difficult as the not liking label makes it and until one learns to be with what happens without applying a conditioned label, what happens will continue its control as if you were a puppet on a string, with the stings being whatever label is applied.