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High Vibration Creativity

When there’s not the constant need or pull for self satisfying pleasures, the mind settles and the Universe works with whatever talents are within you for its betterment…

Let go of the stubbornness that causes you to suffer; it arises as greed, hate, and delusion and it’s because of the low vibration of stubbornness that one suffers. Holding onto sense pleasures is of a lower vibration. The core of holding onto stubbornness is the belief that the more one satisfies their sense pleasures, the happier they will be. Satisfying these pleasures are not an issue until this low vibration takes hold, it is then that problems arise. Remove the mask of stubbornness and what you will be left goes beyond anything you can imagine.

The bondage of wanting pleasure is not only sought by just about everyone, it has been in place for eons. Forget about going beyond it, it’s no small feat just becoming aware of this, but when there is awareness of the low vibration of pleasure seeking, the results are miraculous. There’s no telling what one may experience when pleasure seeking takes a back seat. Your creative energy will go in a direction not previously known because the pleasure seeking that’s been blocking a higher vibration falls away.

When there’s not the constant pull for pleasure, the mind settles and the Universe works with whatever talent is in you for its betterment. There may be a musician, a painter, a gardener or botanist, or even a writer inside you, who knows a book may even come out of it. I guarantee you this, whatever it is that’s comes from your creative energy, it will be from a higher vibration based in love because that’s just the way the Universe rolls. At least that’s been my experience.