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Beneficial Possibilities

The more awareness one has of the arising moment, the more beneficial life seems to be. This doesn’t mean everything will go the way that it’s wanted, but what happens is the beneficial possibilities aren’t limited.

Life occurs whether there’s awareness of what’s happening or not. What awareness allows is the possibility of a different reaction to what arises and thus the chance of a more beneficial response and outcome. It’s pretty much a given that what arises arises, there’s not much that can be done in that regard, but how it affects you has many possibilities. Years ago there weren’t many possibilities to my reactions, they were all based in a very limiting non beneficial perspective; it was just the way I was conditioned. I wouldn’t have allowed anyone to do half of the things I did to myself, but yet because I didn’t know any better, the self sabotage reactions were what was normal to me. Without the awareness of the conditioning that’s in place, it wouldn’t be possible to respond in any other way but the way I was conditioned.

Although today life is simply life and what arises arises, with unawareness not being as prevalent as it once was, it has opened up so many more beneficial possibilities in my life, and what’s truly beautiful about this is the self sabotage behavior is becoming less and less; on its own. Being aware of the way one reacts to what happens is where beneficial possibilities arise from. When one is stuck in one view, you are limited to only that view and the benefits of reaching your full potential are iffy at best. The more one is aware of what happens in an arisen moment, the more beneficial life seems to be, but as stated before, it doesn’t mean everything will go the way you think it should, you just won’t limit your possibilities.