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A Reflected Shift

What occurs when one awakens is there’s a shift that opens the heart, this allows the truth that has always been there to be revealed so where there was once blindness one now sees.

People think there’s a change when something new is revealed, but the essence of what’s truly happening is there’s a discovery (a shift) to see what has always been there. It’s not really a change that occurs, it’s a shift from delusional thinking to an understanding of the true nature of life; starting with your own mind. You cannot shift if you don’t know yourself and you cannot know yourself if you don’t understand the Conditioned Mind. The reason why it’s so difficult to shift is because the mind will not settle down. It tells you everything is okay, that you do enough to get by in life, and as long as it’s pleasurable it will tell not to look within because you are okay as you are.

Truly looking at yourself is not pleasurable, especially when it’s first started, that’s why many are hesitant to do it. It’s much easier and pleasurable to have an out there view and do what is familiar, but there are only benefits when honest self reflection is done. A step into the unfamiliar will need to be taken so you can get to know yourself.

The mind defaults naturally to what’s familiar because it’s what’s out there, but honest self reflection allows for truth to be revealed, this is the way one shifts and truth becomes what is familiar. When truth is what’s revealed, what happens is the veil of ignorance is removed and where you were once blind you now see, but it’s not a change it’s a shift, and it allows truth to be revealed as you finally see what has always been there.