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Associated Attachment

Pleasing thoughts, not so pleasing thoughts, the attached association to either one allows the start button of emotions to be pushed which will last until the associated label is let go of.

We all like our pleasing thoughts and we like to associate them with who we are, but what of those thoughts that aren’t so pleasing, we don’t like them and we definitely don’t want them associated with who we are, but to me they’re no different than the pleasing thoughts. All thoughts are energy in its purest form, how that energy transforms is the result of the association to them. They affect our life differently; it depends on how deep the association is. If you want to associate yourself with the pleasing thoughts, you have to associate yourself with the not so pleasing ones also. What would happen if neither were associated with, where would that leave you? Sit with that for a while.

In the place of non attachment there are no associated labels as pleasing, right, wrong, good, bad, like, dislike, anger, calm, happy, sad, etc, etc, etc, there is only the eternal peace of non judgment of each precious moment as it occurs. Association to labels are what controls the way one gets pulled around by their emotions. Thoughts will always be there, but without associating a label they just don’t have the energy to control. It’s strictly the attached association that gives a thought the energy that makes life an emotional ride; no one but you is responsible for starting this ride. If you don’t want to be on an emotional ride for the rest of your life, you will need to understand you are not associated with your pleasing thoughts, nor are you associated with the not so pleasing thoughts, if you get this you just may learn how not to push the start button that starts your emotional ride.