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False Comfort of Faith

Life will always be as it is regardless of what one’s story of faith is. Mostly faith is used to provide false comfort which isn’t really needed if one would just live life as it reveals itself.

Faith is but a word, there are many interpretation of it, here is one; a strong belief in something (a story). The way I used faith in the past was I thought it meant things should be the way that I wanted them to be. It’s not a big surprise that this kind of faith caused me many problems. I only had faith in the material world which meant I had to use things in order to feel comfort, which meant I had to rely on outside things to get what I thought I needed to provide a false comfort.

It’s not this way today, but not because there is a belief or faith in something. Today the lie of faith has been exposed and truth of what is here right now is where my faith lies. Truth of what is doesn’t need a story of faith that everything is going to be okay, it means it’s going to be the way that it is and that is simply that. There’s no longer the need for a story of something from the outside to take care of my life; life is simply lived as it happens. Through the practice of being present, there’s a knowing that life will work out in life’s way, not mine. This is a faith that truly works because there’s no attached story. I have stopped using faith as a story of getting something or believing someone is going to take care of my life. Life is life, it takes care of itself. I am just one part of it and regardless of what happens, it simply is life as it is not as I think it should be. This is the acceptance of being with the reality of what is. One doesn’t need faith to live life because it will always be how it is regardless of what the Conditioned Mind wants to use to make you think life should be different. Life is always about what’s here right now and to say you have faith in something out there only changes what is to the false comfort of what isn’t.