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Labels and Roles

Labels and roles are all part of one’s conditioning, with the stage being set for life to be played out. Although one is always on the stage, in silence the labels and roles aren’t needed.

Most of the things that one reaches for throughout life are used just roles as if one is on stage, and life is as if it is a role being played out with one taking on whatever that assigned label may be at the time. Each person studies their lines and plays out the role in whatever way their conditioning has been developed for it to be label and played out. There are many many labels used in playing out the conditioned role.

These labels are the things one reaches for to make their part in the play more interesting. Who would go see a play where everyone was sitting around in silence? So it would seem there is needed drama for life to be more interesting, but this is the fallacy the Conditioned Mind creates.

Only in silence can life be lived to the fullest label and role free. Without the roles and labels, one is present on the stage of life, but not controlled by the rehearsed conditioning. It’s this conditioning that makes one need a role along with many many labels, but in silence, with the stage set in the present moment, one doesn’t have to take on a role or use any of the labels in the puppet show of a conditioned life.