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Everything Changes

Regardless of what happens in life it will not stay the same, but it’s not because things change that causes the mind to become agitated, the agitation arises because the change isn’t wanted.

Everything changes, it’s the nature of the way things are and although intellectually this is known by most people, it’s not brought into daily living. This becomes a major dilemma in a person’s life because things are taken to be more permanent than they actually are and with this outlook when something changes, the mind becomes agitated and suffering ensues. This doesn’t occur because of the change, it occurs because the change isn’t wanted nor accepted.

Wanting things to remain the same is probably the greatest delusion used by the Conditioned Mind and the irony of this is, it’s impossible for life to remain the same so what the Conditioned Mind wants will never be. The nature of life is change so to be at peace with life one must be at peace with change. If you’re not, your mind will be in a constant state of agitation, and if that’s all that’s known, so be it.

There are so many scenarios that entrap a person to the delusional state of wanting things to remain the same. It requires a very settled mind to see the agitations arise when something changes that’s not wanted. This doesn’t mean change has to be embraced or liked, it really just has to be seen for what it is and accepted, but understand even if the thing that changes isn’t accepted, it doesn’t really mean all that much in the grand scheme of things because in life nothing stays the same.