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Viewing Life Differently

A different more beneficial view of life will only occur if the current view is seen as not being beneficial. Even with a different view life won’t change all the much on the outside, but inwardly everything will change.

If there is to be change in one’s life, it has to be seen that a different view is needed to allow one’s behavior to be more beneficial than what’s in place now. Understand it’s not changing the things that occur that’s needed, it’s only the view of what’s occurring that requires it to be different; that’s when change occurs. This isn’t about substituting positive for negative, or labeling right for wrong, if this is done it just becomes another story from the same old view. This is change from the intellect and it doesn’t provide a different view. A different view occurs when one remains in a state of stillness regardless of what happens, seeing things from here allows change to take place. Of course this is easier said than done and if it doesn’t happen, true change will never occur, only surface change will because whatever view is in place won’t allow change to take place.

The mind always wants to make the current view into a story and attach to it. A different view is what happened to me, I now live each moment from that view which is much more beneficial than living life from the view of a conditioned story. Having a different view has changed me inwardly which in turn means everything has changed or at least the way that it’s viewed has.