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Two Versions of Life

When one’s thoughts are used as the primary means to live by, this is a very limited version of life, but when the mind settles, a second version is provided with limitless content.

When thoughts are used primarily as a means to live by, this leaves only one way to view life and because thoughts are so restricted and limiting, it’s makes for much suffering. We think by thinking, studying, and reading books we’ll become all knowing and be able to master life, but the only thing this provides is arrogance, smugness and a state of unconsciousness. When one constantly has a need to read someone else’s book, one is limited to only learn what the content of that book is. What if what’s written in the book isn’t totally correct or only has partial facts about a subject, that will be what one learns. People get a college degree because the content of books are memorized, and the thoughts taken from these books are used to create experts by the worlds standards. This method produces a very limited view of life, with the limit being whatever one’s thoughts are from the content of the books that are read.

Humans have wars against each other, we fight with each other and most of this happens because of the nonsense of our thinking. Everyone thinks they’re right which arises from what is heard or what a books says, and all this does is fill one’s head with noise. This noise is the only version of life that one will ever see unless the mind becomes quiet enough to allow a second (thoughtless) version to be seen.

What happens when the mind settles is it allows for two versions of life to be seen, one version is the made up stories of one’s conditioned thoughts, and the other is the version of just doing whatever it is that’s in front of you because it’s what’s there. Both versions are from the same mind, but only one will be used when the mind settles. When this settling occurs and the version is seen of a second view, the limitations provided by the world view of thought will fall away. It will be at this point that you will go beyond the limited view of your thoughts and see the limitless view of just doing what’s in front of you, without the need to think about it.