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Craving of "I"

The craving of “I” is what traps one to the bondage of the desire of “I” mindset and as long as this mindset is in place, there will be struggles in life because these selfish cravings will always need to be fulfilled.

Craving arises, there’s no getting around this, but it’s not the craving itself that causes issue, being controlled by it unconsciously is what makes craving an issue. To follow through on all our cravings isn’t really useful, but this isn’t to say there’s anything wrong with cravings, it’s really deciphering which ones are useful and which ones actually cause harm to you and others. The craving for sex is something that’s basically in our DNA, but to be controlled by the craving for sex to the point where it becomes the focal point of your existence, is where issues arises. Just take sex and substitute it with something else and see how the craving holds you in captivity. As long as one craves unconsciously, they have to be followed. This bondage to cravings is the foundation of the Conditioned Mind.

Looking back I can see how the attachment to cravings is what allowed them to control me and why they were at the core of every issue I had in my life. I still have cravings today, but for the most part they’re there to fulfill a higher calling than “I”. The desire of “I” is the root of suffering and this is because it entraps one to the bondage of self; existence doesn’t produce much harmony in a desire of “I” mindset. Knowing any of this doesn’t make life “I” free, but it does lead one in a direction that is much more conducive to love which in turns makes craving more about what’s better for humanity as a whole instead of fulfilling the craving of an “I” mindset.