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Nothing Last Forever

Because nothing last forever the satisfaction associated with whatever is reached for is fleeting. This is the exact reason why one constantly remains in an agitated state of needing to reach for something.

Not being satisfied is so subtle and how you will know you’re not satisfied is by having to reach for the next thing. The misunderstanding of nothing last forever including life itself is what makes one constantly reach for satisfaction. If you knew the reaching wasn’t going to quench the thirst of satisfaction, it most likely wouldn’t be done. One reaches for whatever the conditioning in place says is necessary, and even though it temporarily satisfies the thirst, it doesn’t last and hence the reaching continues. When nothing last forever begins to be understood, one becomes aware of the nonsense of their reaching. This doesn’t mean the reaching will just end, but an understanding of the true nature associated with reaching begins. If there wasn’t the anticipated satisfaction associated with food, dessert, drugs, alcohol, gambling, yoga, meditation, ad infinitum, reaching wouldn’t be done. Everyone who reaches for something assumes there’s going to be some sort of satisfaction derived from it or it wouldn’t be done.

Existence is pretty stable as far as life being life, but the events that occur within life are not. There is constant change in everything, but the mind is mostly blind to this because it wants stability. It defaults to making you believe the next fix is all you need, but I guarantee you the next fix only leads to the one after that and so on. It never ends because there’s nothing that last forever which allows it to end. And because nothing last forever, the satisfaction associated with whatever’s reached for doesn’t last and this is the exact reason why one is subtly unsatisfied and has a constant need to reach.