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Learning Through Love

It’s the love of one’s own heart that allows for the chances to learn life lessons. Judgements don’t provide this, all they do is disconnect one from the love of their own heart.

Follow your heart no matter what others say. People judge, it’s what they do, but never give in to their judgements. Even if someone thinks they know you because of similar situational experiences, it means little because everyone has their own interpretations of the way things are. Following your heart doesn’t mean you will always do what is best, but it does mean what you do will be of love and really that’s what truly matters.

It’s the love of my own heart that judges me and provides life lessons to be learned, not the judgments of people. As long as the heart is followed, the lessons learned will allow for the removal of one’s blocks to love. By staying true to our heart no matter what, we stay true to ourselves and life’s base remains of love.

Everyone makes mistakes, but boy are we quick to point out the mistakes we think others make. We’ll justify our judgments and say we’re only trying to help, even if it’s not asked for, but when we judge anyone it’s our own misgiving because the love of our own heart is blocked. No one alive today is known to have ever walked on water, so no one is truly worthy to judge another. To thine own self is all one has to be true to because the love of one’s heart will keep expanding as the universe, not people sees fit. This will allow for the chances to learn the necessary life lessons so the love of one’s own heart remains unblocked.