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High Vibration Energy

A higher vibrational energy has to be understood before the bondage of self which is a lower energy is truly let go of. You can then reach your true potential to be an instrument of love instead of an instrument of a selfish lower energy.

The are two energies to just about everything in life and although only one is in place at any given time, in order to go beyond the lower energy the higher energy (love) has to be known it’s available. This is the only way one will be able to go beyond the limited view of the “I” self energy. If your human existence is viewed only from the human side which is a lower vibration, the spiritual won’t come into play and life will seem very mundane. When one starts looking at life from love which doesn’t require human attachment, another view opens to the true beauty of what life has to offer. This beauty manifest in different ways for people, but what it has in common is it comes from the space of a higher energy. We exist in the form of energy and one is selfish, the all about me energy. This is a lower vibrational energy that doesn’t allow one to reach their true potential. The other energy is the energy of stillness which manifest as love, this is of a higher vibrational nature which allows the beauty of life to manifest and thus our true potential is maximized.

Learning to understand these two energies will assist in truly letting go of the blocks that keep the lower selfish energy in place. The higher vibrational energy is always there to tap into, but if there isn’t awareness of it, there won’t be alignment to it so it won’t manifest. This isn’t to deny our human side because it’s the form we are in, but attaching to it and making it an end to a means is where the expansion of one’s consciousness ceases. The tighter the grip of the human side(lower energy) the less the higher vibrational energy will be operational. This is a Universal Law that has to be understood so the bondage of self energy is truly let go of. When this occurs a higher energy allows you to reach your true potential so you can be an instrument of love instead of an instrument to satisfy the lower energy of me, myself, and I.