Encouragement Wednesday~ 05/27/2020

Encouragement will take you further... take risks for your bliss, for your success, and for your satisfaction! Keep moving forward without regret while focusing on the good stuff, so aim toward feeling much better, doing much better, and enjoying much more.

"Don't allow your setbacks to upset you but rather motivate you to upgrade you... in your thinking, planning, and endeavoring."

You have within your pieces of good news worth sharing with the world. The good news begins with how great you can be beyond measure! How much you can love beyond imagination! What you can accomplish beyond expectation! And what your potential is beyond belief.

Surround yourself with those who support you, encourage you, love you, enjoy you, and respectfully challenges you for the betterment of your future. All that you need to succeed is ready for you to utilize within you!

"Encouraging words shared in private during a time of any undesired outcome is worth more than the praise of success of the desired outcomes shared in public.”

Stay on point as you're meant to succeed and enjoy your life's journey! Continue with faith that everything will work out for the best. CHEERS~ to your success continuing...


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Self~Empowerment: Today's Positive Statement- 05//27//2020~

Today’s self-empowering statement to positively affect yourself:


"I am daring to take action for the betterment of my moments and my future! I am believing in great things happening to me, for me, and with me for the betterment of my life and those in it! I am daring, optimistic, and excited to succeed in doing what gets me out of bed, to accomplish what I set out to accomplish, and to achieve what I set out to achieve..."

to continue a greater life!💯💪

😍💭 🗣👥 Empower your mind 😌🙏 with positive beliefs 😇🙏, a positive attitude 😁👌, positive behavior 👏🙃, & positive self~talk statements... 😎🗯 🗣🗝 Focus and keep going by staying on point!🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️Continue strongly & empowered with your awesomeness! 🤪🤜🤛😎 You deserve to enjoy this blessed life as you're meant to! 😇🙏🏼 Achieve and accomplish your dreams, goals, & plans as you're meant to! You have the right to succeed! ✍ 🏹 🎯 Make the best of your moments while looking forward enthusiastically! 👸🤴 Envision the results & outcomes you desire to realize in the flesh through the power of positivity. With an attitude of gratitude you'll surely attract, create & manifest your desired conclusions... 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️🙄 ~ahhhhhh~ 🤩 Have faith, trust your awesome self & embrace the present gifted moments. 〰️Continue to empower through to satisfaction while enjoying yourself without hesitation. 💯💯

🥂CHEERS~ to the betterment of a better future 😉


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Truly Content

The contentment which most seek is mostly contingent on something from the outside, if this or that happens then I’ll be content, but true contentment comes from within and doesn’t need anything to be…

Thinking about being content isn’t the same as allowing contentment to arise just because that’s what’s there. This seems to be difficult to grasp and it’s because one can’t think their way to true contentment. Stories can be made up that makes it seem as though one is content, but it never last. The contentment most seek is contingent on something, if this or that happens then I’ll be content, but this is another lie of the Conditioned Mind, and there are many. All kinds of examples can be used, if I win the lottery,  job promotions, end of pandemic, holiday off from school or work, children getting A’s in school, new car, you can add your own contentment attachment to the list. The point is, this list is endless and whatever it is that is attained I guarantee you the contentment it brings for that moment will not last. I have been off from work for twenty one days, but tomorrow I go back. True contentment can only arise if life is seen as one continuous event and there isn’t a need to have it different; this is how fleeting contentment is and how contingent it is on something for it to be.

The contentment mentioned in the beginning of the article arises because it’s what’s there, it’s not contingent on anything, therefore it is true contentment; I would put it right along side the peace that passes all understanding. I experience both of these everyday for most of the day and it comes from within. I don’t make it happen, but I am aware of my thinking which is a direct hinderance to true contentment and this is because you can’t think your way to being content, you can only think your way to a surface contentment which is contingent on something from outside yourself; the key to true contentment is not needing right now different. I know this is difficult especially when things don’t go your way, but the alternative is to want things different and keep searching for a contentment that will probably remain elusive until the day life in this form ends…

Inspiration Tuesday~ 05/26/2020

I am sharing this bit of inspiration today to benefit your ideal direction. Propel from apathy to possibility and transform how you perceive your own capabilities. Don't be eluded from inspiration... encourage inspiration to help with your circumstances, outcomes, results, and situations. Activate your inspiration within and seek to capture it by manipulating your settings to feel it.

Be open to spontaneously evoke inspiration. Allow yourself to transcend limitations and self-serving concerns with awareness and clarity of new possibilities. Strive to express and transmit your new ideas and vision into actualization. Be an inspired person open to new experiences, and absorb inspiration in your tasks, endeavors, adventures, and so on. Perceive subjects for its intrinsic value in the pursuit of a stronger drive to master your work with a less competitive nature.

Reprogram your belief system to positively impact your abilities, self-esteem, and lifestyle. Inspiration consequently affects your self-esteem, optimism, mastery of work, perceived competence, creativity, and absorption. Allow inspiration to elevate the positive effects of all that you do, and lower the negative effects.

CHEERS~ to fulfilling your aspirations...



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Unuseful Tools

There’s a pull that occurs in most lives that keeps one from investigating the unuseful tools in place. The issue with this is these unuseful tools are passed onto others so it’s as though the blind lead the blind…

If there are unuseful actions and reactions in the daily decision making process without investigating them, there will be many decisions made without knowing if they’re beneficial. When unuseful tools are passed on to others it equates to the blind leading the blind; very few people truly understand the Conditioned Mind. Without the discipline that provides some stillness, life becomes an unquestioned pull to use unuseful tools. To the Conditioned Mind there’s no need for questions because it has all the answers. Saying “I’m not there yet” is just crazy and it’s an unuseful block that hampers the ability to truly live. If you’re not there yet, wherever there is, nothing you do will get you there. What’s amazing is how people settle for an unuseful place just because someone else says it works. Using the saying “I’m not there yet” is just a way the Conditioned Mind remains in control.

It’s mind boggling how the unuseful remains in place without taking into consideration there might be another way to see things, and what’s mind boggling about this is how unuseful tools are held onto and keeps one in a self created prison that causes suffering. Life doesn’t cause suffering, the Conditioned Mind does and unless one is willing to sit and allow the mind to settle, the pull of the conditioning will remain in place and one will continue to use unuseful tools that cause suffering. Here’s the real issue with this, these unuseful tools are passed onto others and it’s as though the blind lead the blind…

Self~Empowerment: Today's Positive Statement- 05//26//2020~

Today’s self-empowering statement to positively affect yourself:


“I am surrendering to what is good for me and I am giving in to what benefits me! I am surrendering to my radiance, to my integrity, and to my godsend human grace! I am nurturing the good thoughts, good beliefs, and good perspective toward creating good moments..."

to continue a greater life!💯💪

😍💭 🗣👥Succeed with positive thinking 😌🙏, positive beliefs 😇🙏, positive attitude 😁👌, positive behavior 👏🙃, & positive self~talk statements... 😎🗯 🗣🗝 Stay on point, focus & keep going!🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️You're strong & powerful! 🤜🤛 No giving up on yourself, you deserve to enjoy this blessed life! 💑 🙏🏼 No quitting on your dreams, goals, & plans that you have the right to succeed with! ✍ 🏹 🎯 Think ahead & look forward enthusiastically! 👸🤴 Envision the results & outcomes you desire to create, manifest & attract into your life moving on... 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️🙄 ~ah HAH~ 🤩 Have faith, trust your natural flow & embrace your authentic self. 〰️Empower through until satisfied & enjoy yourself without hesitation. 💯💯

🥂CHEERS~ to the betterment of a better future for us all 😉


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A Moments Arising

Your life hinges on a single attached thought; the next moments arising is from here. Learning to skillfully see this so the attachment is at a minimum determines what the next moment will be…

The thoughts that are attached to make up a belief system because it’s thought the beliefs are beneficial, if this wasn’t so the thoughts wouldn’t be attached to. If these attached beliefs aren’t seen as erroneous they will remain in place. The more you think your created belief system is the right one, the harder it is to see beyond it. Attaching to each moment as it arises through thought is delusional because there’s no solid foundation to a thought and everyone has different ones, that’s why everyone see things differently.

There’s only one truth, I don’t know what it is, but I do know what it isn’t. Until this is seen as each moments arises without attaching to it, life will remain delusional. To get to a point where it’s not delusional you have to get beyond the attached thoughts that hold your belief system (conditioning) in place; regardless of what it is. Each moment arises as one single thought and then a person’s conditioning determines what happens next and how the next moment plays out. Attaching to it or not is the difference in how the next moment arises and if there’s going to be unity or separation. The truth is you are never separated from life, but it feels that way when there’s attachment to a thought that makes you think you are. Your entire life hinges on a single attached thought; the next moments arises from here. Learning to skillfully see this so the attachment is at a minimum determines what the next moment will be…

Just Say No

The word “no” can be used to cut off attaching energy to a thought. In the “no” is the infinite possibility of peace, but it will only occur when a thought is seen for its irrelevance…

Thoughts arise, but reflecting on them instead of attaching a label is the difference in learning from them or allowing them to control you. Why was I born, what is my purpose, what is God, these are simply thoughts, attaching your story to them changes their dynamics from reflective energy to becoming attached to them and applying energy needed to search or reach for an answer. When something is unknown, the mind will make up answers, these made up answers are the base of how most lives are lived. We are bombarded by a barrage of daily thoughts, many arise go away and come back throughout the day. Not every thought is attached to, it’s the ones that are that cause issue; most just come in and leave, but they do seem to return.

Reflection is valuable in developing the awareness to just see a thought arise and not give it any power. That is arises means nothing, what is done with it after it arises means everything. If a thought arises about something that happened in the past, it doesn’t have to be attached to. It can be simply reflected upon and seen as a thought, nothing more. The Conditioned Mind is designed to make a story out of it, but with disciplined awareness this can be seen and the simple word “no” can be used to cut off attaching energy. The simple word “no” holds the infinite possibility of peace, but it will only occur when a thought is seen for its irrelevance, that is unless there’s attachment, then all bets are off…