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The Cure

A Utopian society tended by automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence is on the verge of extinction. Leadership calls upon all their best minds to investigate this ‘anomaly' and see what can be done to stop civilization from literally falling apart at the seams, as people are dropping like flies! Adar, a science team leader, is one of those charged with doing whatever it takes to discover the cause and to develop a cure for this ‘anomaly' that has beset their civilization. Adar makes a discovery on a distant planet that has been hidden from everyone. That leads Adar's team to set up operations on that world to see if what they discovered may hold a clue to saving society and provide... The Cure.

Author Details

E. R. Dee
After being introduced to books and science fiction by his mother who worked at Follett Publishing, who brought home one of their books, Elevator to the Moon, and and read it to him when he was 5 or 6 years old, E. R. Dee developed a passion for both writing and science. Writing a first book at the age of 8 call Journey to the Moon and Beyond was read to Dee's third grade class and people wanted to order copies of the little 20 page 5 x7 book typed up on a Corona portable. Next came astronomy and a telescope. That led to first publication in Sky and Telescope Magazine at the age of 14. E. R. Dee has since written three science fiction novels: We Are Martians, about the first colony on Mars. Planetary Attack Forces, continues to saga as the children born on Mars move out into the solar system and claim territories around all the planets and in the asteroid belt. The Cure details an alien civilization making extensive use of of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence that is facing doom from an unknown medical issue that is making some of the populists fall apart and die long before their time. A team of scientists tracks down and unusual lead that may hold a clue to the cure for this problem.