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Church Games - Identifying Tactics used in Church that Prevent Spiritual Growth

More than ever the Body of Christ is in need of true spiritual revival. False doctrines, such as the Prosperity Gospel, has made its way into the hearts of leaders and laypeople alike, causing them to plummet into an abyss of greed and spiritual decay.  The process of developing godly relationships have been tainted with a twisted version of submission while warped mentoring techniques have lured unwitting souls from grace to legalism.  Idol worship is at an all-time high. Politics has kicked its way into the pulpit. The fear of the Lord is mocked as societal trends take its place.  Leaders are no longer servants, they're celebrities.  Members are complacent and apathetic about their spiritual lives.  What is happening to the local church and why is there no cry of repentance.


Eanya Prout reveals six tactics use in the local church that keep Christians from growing in the Faith.  She explains how people and the Holy Scriptures have been manipulated to pervert spiritual principles such as: Prosperity, Submission, Mentoring, Spiritual Parenting, and more. She gives the true meaning of these processes and relationships while encouraging you to grow in grace and truth. 

It's God's desire that you grow unhindered by the sinister tactics of the church games. You don't have to be a pawn in the game if you don't want to. After reading Church Games, you can be free!

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Eanya Prout
Philadelphia native Eanya Prout gave her life to Christ at the age of twenty one after being raised in the Philadelphia foster care system for thirteen years. By that time she had two children and soon to have her last son at twenty three. Naïve, wounded but determined, Eanya forged her way through various forms of abuse to grow in Christ. She now shares her life and God's ways with others and desires the Holy Spirit to use her to teach, speak and write for those who want deliverance in their soul. Eanya wrote her first book Lady of Grace to heal and deliver women from abuse. Not only does she share many events from her life of abuse, but she details the processes God used to deliver her. Her second book, Built on the Rock, Eanya provides fundamental stepping stones for new Christians to help them build a strong foundation in Christ Jesus. Her third book, Harlot - Deliverance from Demonic Sexual Addiction, Eanya teaches the spiritual aspect of sexual addiction, its operations and how to be free. In her latest book, Church Games - Identifying Tactics used in Church that Prevent Spiritual Growth, Eanya reveals six games that trap Christians from growing in the Faith. This book is not only written to heal Christians, but to bring the local churches back into alignment with God's perfect will. Eanya resides in Pennsylvania and has three sons and one grandson.