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Christian, Devotional, Self-Help, Young-Adult
Meism - The Self of Today

Meism is life personalize regardless of truth (Je 16:20; 1Jn 2:16). When we make truth relative, we have a world we create around ourselves to promote ourselves to ourselves. The delusion is that we think we're gettings somewhere. The truth is that everyone around us knows the delusion. Meism - The Self of Today is about these trends in our society today. Real believers who love their neighbors, loving friends, as well as citizens of this great nation should be sharing the truth with each other. The Savior wants us to encourage even admonish one another (Heb 10:25; Col 3:16). Speak the truth in love, but share that truth.

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Timothy Senter
Pastor Senter has written many periodicals for the Lander Journal in his home town. He was first published in 2010. Being a 20 year Navy veteran, he writes periodicals for local veterans organizations. In his Navy years, he traveled the globe witnessing the wide variety of human social relationships. He earned his Bachelor's of Science Degree in Information Systems Management from University of Maryland in 1997. After retirement, attended Bob Jones University earning his Master of Divinity degree. He is now the pastor of Grace Bible Church in Lander, Wyoming. He is also the author of Knowing you are saved which is a compilation of his expositions through 1 John.