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Morrigan: Phantom Queen

Warning: For mature readers only. Strong violence. Disturbing. 
Adriana Evans has had enough. She is tired of being a victim of Bullying. Adriana has idolized Goddess Morrigan all of her life. She performs a ritual to call upon the Phantom Queen form her dark world. She wants her to embrace her with her dark powers and grant her the strength to fight back against Sue Lynn and her evil bitches. 
When Morrigan comes to her, she welcomes Adriana with open arms into the powers of darkness. And soon, all hell breaks loose when Adriana wages her war of vengeance...

Author Details

Kelvin Kettle
Kelvin Kettle is a self published author. He has written 3 short story books. 'Darker Side Endings 1 and 2 (Horror short stories) and 'Journey to Imagination (Fantasy short stories). He also wrote his first horror novel, 'Spikes' in 2016. Kelvin loves to entertain his readers with his dark imagination. His goal is to capture a readers attention within the first page of a book. He loves to read, watch movies and listen to music. His favorite book and movie genres are horror, action and suspense. His favorite music is rock, jazz and pop.