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Is He Dead?

My supervisor ordered me to get into the ambulance with him. I climbed up and in and knelt alongside of a shooting victim. Blood from gunshot wounds was oozing through his shirt and trickling from the corner of his mouth. "Who shot you?' I asked. Using the F-word he cursed at me. "Seriously man, who shot you?" I asked. Again he cursed back at me. "I will take care of it myself."  He said as he began to gurgle. That was a sure sign he was dying. I would later learn that this man tormented his children for nearly a decade. No one in his family was safe from his violence,  For years the system failed his children. That all ended today.

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Rick H Drew
Being a police officer was not my lifelong passion. I grew up not caring very much for the police. I took a criminal investigations course in college and I was hooked. I couldn't get enough. I joined the Kissimmee Police Department in March of 1980 after completing my tour of service in the military. My rate of pay was $5.21 hour. During my third year, I lost my best friend and partner, Thomas Alan Bartholomew to a domestic disturbance. The first and only policeman with Kissimmee killed in the line of duty. I spent time in investigations, but would later specialize in narcotic and vice enforcement for most of my career.