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Hidden Doorways

All Catherine wants is a happy home, and a contented life, but time is a playful thing.

To her family Catherine is lost in time, lost to her friends and lost to the 21st century. To her she is a Tudor woman with a new husband, a business to run and no memory of who she really is. But Catherine's life is about to change in more ways than she could ever have imagined.
Half a millennium in her future is her father. Michael is a professor of physics, racked with guilt for accidentally sending Catherine back in time when she was only six years old. As he determines to find her, he unwittingly leads her through hidden doorways of time to passions and sorrows on the most unusual of adventures.

Author Details

liah s thorley
As well as writing historical fiction Liah loves travel, and has lived in the US, Australia, Italy and the UK. She now resides in sunny Malta. Before taking pen to paper (or opening her laptop) she was a professional dancer and actor. She also has a masters in early modern history. Liah may be dyslexic but doesn't let it hinder her creativity. She writes in a vivid filmic style and loves to twist away from convention. As well as fiction, she is a freelance travel writer.