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Historical Fiction
My Enemy My Friend

I courted my wife during the Iranian Revolution.  It was an appropriate setting. As my own worst enemy, I channeled both the Ayatollah who needed an American Presidential candidate to defeat the Shah and the Presidential candidate who needed the Ayatollah to defeat the sitting American President. This book is based on my experiences and the observations of people no longer available for comment.  The names have also been changed. 

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R. E. Dinlocker
I have lived in and written about Iran, Egypt, Indonesia, Haiti, Shanghai and the US. My novels are The Missionary Position, about Angela Benedetto's adventures in Irian Jaya, My Enemy, My Friend, about a love affair during the Iranian Revolution, Something Came Up about a young man's search for himself hitchhiking across the US, Shanghai'd about a Chinese/Israeli plot originating in 1930's Shanghai, Maiden Shanghai, about Shanghai's Green Gang's covert aid to China's Xinjiang Seperatists, Laidback & Co. about an athletic team in Jakarta, Indonesia, The United Hates of America about two rival preachers who join forces against common enemies THE TORAH-The Director's Cut, God, a humorous retranslation of the Torah and Four Guys Gospels about an advertising company hired to sell a Jewish man with a Hispanic name as the Messiah. I have written published articles for Channel East Magazine, West-East Magazine, Media Magazine, Asian Hotel and Catering Magazine,, and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.