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DRAGON'S GAP: Sharm & Edith's Story Book 2

EDITH BLACK is a bear who grew up believing she was human.
When she fnds out she is more than human, she is in fact a full bear, she is not only shocked but amazed. Unfortunately she is unable to shift to her bear and no matter how she tries her bear will not communicate with her like other shifters.

That is until she has been at Dragon's Gap for two months whether it is the influence of all the other shifters or the Dragon magic that fills the air, Edith's bear starts to talk to her.

Now shutting her up is the problem!

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L. M. Lacee
Reading romantic fantasy from my youth to science-fiction and classics in more recent times, my love for books and writing continues to inspire the creation of new stories set in new places with their own set of unique scenarios, adventures and love. Now with all my grown son's scattered throughout the world I have the time to follow my passion in telling stories, uninterrupted, except for the pots of tea my husband devours daily.