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Coming Together (Ice Fairy #3)

With Olympic Gold in his possession, Sam is the newest darling of the skating world. Brett does his best to be supportive but the brighter the light shines on his boyfriend; the more he is left in the shadows. Cracks appear and the relationship begins to break down. 
Their friends try their best to assist however they can. Their advice and support is crucial when Brett suspects Sam's creepy agent is up to no good; and even more so when a dastardly plot by Sam's own father is uncovered.
Can this couple finally come to terms with fame and find the peace they crave? An offer by Ryan and Caleb might provide the answers they seek...if they're brave enough to take a leap of faith.
Is it too late for Brett and his precious Ice Fairy or can they come together?

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S. L. Danielson
When I was a toddler, my mother would read to me a LOT. Amelia Bedelia, Beezus and Ramona, Clifford, etc. were all of my favorites. I would go to bed every single night with a book in my hands. My writing life began when I learned to put pencil to paper, at age five. From there it was just a 'hobby' at the time; until age 12 when I blossomed tales into longer and longer works and graphic novels. In 2006, after seeing the success of 'Brokeback Mountain', I knew my genre (gay romance) would have an actual chance in the market. With only my husband for support, I took the plunge and became published with what is now "For the Heart of Phillip" and have since added (with myself and other marvelous co-authors) 31 more! (12 are in the works right now). Today, several family members know (not entirely supportive) but does it stop me? Heavens no! I love my boys and writing and breathing life into them. My new husband and cats don't mind one bit. :)