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The Adventures of Anuk: The First leap

5 Stars - Congratulations on your 5-star review! Reviewed By Lesley Jones for Readers' Favorite In The Adventures of Anuk by Suzanne Mondoux, Anuk has spent a happy childhood in the Inn with her guardians, Julea and Lucca. On her sixteenth birthday, she discovers that she has to return to her place of birth, Roese Island. Anuk is not pleased, but she is told it is her destiny that, as an Assisi Human, she must return to maintain harmony between the animal kingdom and human beings. Anuk begins the treacherous journey along with Aye, Eagle Owl, and Kinkajou. They have to travel through many beautiful places and many which are not what they seem. Many lands have been destroyed and they are no longer as beautiful as they once were. Along the way she meets numerous creatures, including The Bogeyman, who impart to Anuk their stories and words of wisdom as she continues her journey home. Anuk has to find the courage to face her deepest fears to make it back to Roese Island. But what will face her when and if she arrives? The Adventures of Anuk by Suzanne Mondoux is a truly magical adventure story. The backstory of each character is so detailed, I felt I had been transported far away into a magical land. The whole story was filled with the most enchanting descriptions of places and creatures so that I could actually visualize them. Children will absolutely adore this story because it is filled with tension, emotion, and suspense. I have to add a few pieces from the book, which I believe is the message behind the book. "You create! You decide! If the certainty of fear befalls you it is certain that you will never achieve the wholeness, the full parts of a whole life!” The story also reminds us that all humans have the choice to decide what happens to the earth, and the decisions humans make will affect so many innocent creatures and their habitats. As the story tells us, humans were not created to rule the world but to be a part of it and live in harmony with everyone else. I thought the line by Anuk, ‘My faults are also my lessons', was a perfect message to the reader. A must-read for children and older

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Suzanne Mondoux