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Our Love Journey

This is our love story: the memoirs of a modern day Aquila and Pricilla, a husband and wife team who ministered in the pastoral ministry, followed by traveling to the six continents.

Our love story is amazing. It is matchless and completely unique because of the Father's love and plan for Gordon and me. Only He could take a young Canadian girl from the east coast of Canda, affected by insecurities from a broken home, and match her with a young man from South Wales. We were born into different cultures, family backgrounds, and upbingings.

Our love story is a beautiful journey we shared for fifty years, and I want to motivate and encourage you to follow God's unique plan for your life. I pray you will seek the Lord with all your heart and follow the beautiful journey the Father has planned in love for you.

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Barbara J White
Barbara J White is based in Southrn California, where she conducts Faith Ministries International, an eveangelistic, teaching, prophetic, and healing ministry. Barbara has many years of experience in the pastoral and traveling ministry to the nations. She has also ministered for women's conferences in the United States and hosted Faith Women International confrences in Amerstrdam, Brussels, London, as well as in Bermuda. Barbara is a published author and accomplished Bible teacher.