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PITIFUL OR POWERFUL THE CHOICE IS YOURS is a book which touches lives in deep areas of the soul.  
This book and study guide is wonderful. It shows us that God wants us to be healed in Spirit, Soul and Body. Rachel deals with topics that are not often taught on. Her life is testimony to the power of the Word. This book along with Victim or Victor, are like the power twins of prayer and praise. Your life will be changed by this book..This book really touches deep into the heart of those having to deal with the loss of a loved one. It is very healing for the reader. It deals with some subjects that are not dealt with very often such a the suicide death of a loved one. It is very overcoming and healing. Restoration testimonies have come from those who have read and practiced the book. It is an anointed book.

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Dr. Rachel V Jeffries
Dr. Rachel V Jeffries is a published author, teacher, musician, song writer, recording artist, conference speaker and minister. She is a pastor to pastors. She writes from her healed heart to those who need the healing and restoration. Her writings and sermons give hope to the listerner and reader. God uses her in the gifts of the Holy Spirit prophetically. She writes a daily blog to widows and widoowers on Facebook, called WIDOWS WITH PURPOSE. She is a conference speaker, appeared on numerous TV programs, and spoken in 13 nations. Her books have been translated in numerous languages and continues to be. Rachel feels God has been so good to her and she portrays hope to those who need His healing power displayed in their lives. Some have said, "When I read her writings I feel I know her personally."