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Sorrow, sickness and grief are overwhelming. It is so easy to find ourselves bogged down in the heaviness of the situation and feel it will always be this way. This type of thinking needs an active response. You have a choice, what will you be “A Victor or a Victim?” Rachel will show you how God walked her through physical, mental and emotional struggles; sharing with you the grace of God and the insight she has gained to live as a Victor. This is Rachel's second book in the series called, The Road to Wholeness.” The book will teach you to: - Identify Victim thinking - Recognize the thought patterns - Become a victory thinker - Recognize Abuse - Deal with Abuse - Have help on the road to recovery

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Dr. Rachel V Jeffries
Dr. Rachel V Jeffries is a published author, conference speaker, pastor to pastors, song writer, musician, and recording artist. God has given her a voice in the nations. She has spoken 13 nations. Her books are translated in numerous languages and continues to be in others. She operates in the gift of prophecy with a prophetic anointing as God wills. She ministers to the broken hearted and shows them the path through God's Word to healing. Her ministry is Rachel Jeffries International Ministries, Hollister, MO. Her daily blogs lifts the heart of widows and widowers though these writings on Facebook on page called, WIDOWS WITH PURPOSE. God has healed her after a tragedy happened in her life. She knows what it is to be lifted above shock and deep sorrow. Many have said, when I read her writings I feel I know her personally.