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One Chance To Be A Man

‘One Chance to Be A Man' by D-Revolution is a remarkable book reflecting on the life of a man coming up in the streets of Chicago trying to achieve his dreams of becoming a screenplay writer and poet; while constantly coming head to head with the perils of crime, poverty, family dysfunction, failed relationships, bad decisions, and the quest for inner peace.

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Who? D-Revolution is one of the Music City's hottest and hardest-working spoken-word artists. D-Revolution's star has risen as he gradually has worked the underground circuit through a grassroots approach and is now breaking through to broader audiences throughout the region and nation. This momentum has culminated in him recently winning the first-ever and highly coveted Southern Entertainment Award (SEA) for Spoken-Word Artist/Poet of the Year. Fans and industry insiders vote for the hottest talents for the annual SEAs. In his category, D-Revolution received the most nods from voters in the 11 states represented – Tennessee, Georgia, Oklahoma, Texas, Mississippi, Florida, Arkansas, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina and Louisiana. D-Revolution is known for his unadulterated, hard-knock style of “street poetry” that captures the essence of inner-city, urban life. His words evoke images and stir emotions of the hardships that inform D-Revolution's work, as he waxes poetic on subjects ranging from politics to economic strife and relationships to creative license, and many topical stops in between. D-Revolution has dedicated his life to changing the world with his poetry and believe t-shirts with powerful messages and quotes is his purpose. After headlining countless events and winning several awards, D-Revolution realized that he didn't always have to be on the mic to change the world. Why? D-Revolution can bring in – and move – a crowd. He has performed at numerous venues and showcases citywide and elsewhere. He has held his own while opening up for the iconic Saul Williams and ushered in audiences when headlining his own shows. While D-Revolution addresses the perils and plights of urban life, his themes are universal and resonate with the human essence that links us all.