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The Spirit of Glassboro & Other Tales of Terror

Our fears creep in at the most unexpected times. Inspired by these fears and our mind's own curiosity, 20 tales of terror take readers on a voyage into the world of several unfortunate characters.

Utilizing dark humor and the macabre, readers will relate to the character's plight while wincing throughout. From tales of haunted houses to serial killers to deranged demons that attack, The Spirit of Glassboro and Other Tales of Terror is filled with a variety of topics sure to please any thrill junkie. The characters are so real that when you're reading this book alone on a dark, cold evening, you'll second guess that chill on the back of your neck.

While driving on the highway, you'll wonder what's in the back seat of the pick-up truck or really hidden behind the darkened windows of the unmarked van. Spooky and delightful at the same time, this book provides a welcoming dose of Halloween no matter what time of the year it is.

Author Details

Andrew Kraus
Andrew Kraus is a novelist with a penchant for the more melancholy side of life. His fascination with the supernatural, otherworldly and ethereal began in early childhood and his experiences helped mold and shape what readers can find in The Spirit of Glassboro & Other Tales of Terror. When other children were watching cartoons, he was studying horror films. As a young man, when others were riding roller coasters, he was heading to haunted attractions for decorating tips. And now, as an adult, when searching for a home, his preference is for something haunted. Andrew's debut novel is collection of short stories based on fears and they go far beyond being afraid of heights. These fears will shake the reader's core as they relate what they're reading to what happens in their everyday lives. The Spirit of Glassboro & Other Tales of Terror also unleashes a new legend onto the people of Glassboro, NJ. Watch out Jersey Devil, there's a new monster in town and he's coming for your teeth. The author currently resides in a turn of the century Victorian style farm house in southern New Jersey with his husband, their son, three dogs, and at minimum four spirits. Andrew finds that his home and the spirits within give him inspiration to put pen to paper and share the stories of terror, tragedy, and misery that flow from his cranium. When he isn't writing, he and his family love to travel the globe in search of the macabre. Follow Andrew on Twitter @AndyK1005 and stay updated on his monstrous journey via his Goodreads blog.