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Self Help, Resilience, Grace
Seams of Gold

This book features a pragmatic approach to dealing with the brokenness we often face in life. Maybe
HEARTBREAK has knocked on your door, in the past, present, or sometime in the future. One reality

Sometimes, we face situations and circumstances in life that violate our will and shatter our emotions almost beyond repair, as it seems. While we must accept the facts of our circumstances, we do not have to accept our circumstances as our outcome. We have within us the ability to recover from shock and devastation, and bounce back from these horrific experiences as the resilient beings we are created to be. 

Self-assessment, self-awareness, self-responsibility, and self-love are also key factors in overcoming misfortune or devastation. When we view ourselves from the perspective of the Divine, and hold ourselves in compassion, we overflow with God's healing love and become conduits of love that transforms the most painful situations into something beautiful. In the pages of this book, I will reflect on my experiences and challenges. I will also expound on these lessons learned and share the beauty of God's grace and ability to repair broken vessels, filling each crack, crevice, and seam with gold, much like the Japanese art, Kintsugi. 

I pray that every reader, at the conclusion of this book, receives strength and encouragement to move forward with life and embrace hope in God so they too can possess an opened and receptive heart when faced with life's challenges.

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Shyrell Hobson
Author- Speaker-Fitness Instructor-Resilience Coach