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Silent Screams

I've written a very special book. It is called Silent Screams. It is a hardcore look into an abusive marriage, where the abuse begins to include the children. This book and story is dear to my heart, because it is the story of someone who is very close to me. Names were changed to protect many people. I wrote the book in hopes of letting others know that you can get out and you can survive. I have had several comments about the book being hard to read, but mostly I get comments on how much it has helped some. If you want an honest depiction of how badly things can go wrong, read Silent Screams by Sherry Raby    Coming soon to
Available for Kindle, and in paperback.

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Sherry Raby
Sherry has been writing for about forty years, but it wasn't until four years ago, when she retired, that she took up her favorite hobby and turned it into a passion. Silent Screams was the first published book that she ever wrote. Written in the midst of debilitating crises, Silent Screams became an exorcism of demons. She has since written Ellie's Grand Christmas Wish, published by Author House, When the River Rises, I'll Be Seeing You, and Sammy Sees A Squirrel. She enjoys writing memoirs and children's book, but she is currently working on a psychological, edge of your seat thriller, and two more children's books. After writing, her passion is cooking, and taking care of her favorite hippo, her husband, whom she says she has been with, forever.