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Dear H

Dear H by Diane Guntrip
Suitable for students from 10 years upwards.

Twelve year old Amanda should be the happiest girl in the world. She is the daughter of wealthy, successful parents, lives in a six bedroomed mansion and attends a prestigious private college.

However, Amanda is beseiged with problems. She is lonely, 'fat and frumpy', suffers from depression and has low self-esteem. BUT, her biggest fear is of Cassandra and her gang of bullies who torment her every waking hour.

The catalyst in the story enters in the form of Emma, a paraplegic girl with a marvellous singing voice. Then enters the Fairy Godmother, Amanda's grandmother, who grants Amanda's greatest wish.

Follow Amanda's journey from 'poor little rich girl' to realising her dreams.

Amanda's story is one of empowerment. Her story opens up possibilities to discuss the many topics which are important to our young people of today or it can be read purely for enjoyment. 

Author Details

Diane Guntrip
Diane Guntrip has had a long and varied career in education, teaching and coaching students at all levels. She has qualifications in teaching, speech training and counselling. She is passionate about encouraging young people to gain an interest in reading and to address the problems that are facing them in today's world. Her interests are wide ranging and encompass jewellery design, travel, reading, singing, animals and, of course, writing. Diane is based in Perth, Western Australia. She is available for workshops, book signings, children's book clubs and speaking engagements.