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Navy Seabees Mission Tanzania

This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the terrorist attacks on two United States Embassies in Africa. After the terrorist attacks, a ten man Seabee team was put together in a matter of hours, these ten guys were spread out throughout the world. Ten phone calls were made, go to Dar es Salaam and provide any type of Seabee support the embassy needed. With no plans and no specs, the team was told to "Make it Happen". It tells the story of the Seabees and the Seabees from the Naval Support Unit State Department Diplomatic Security Service.

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James Renken
The Author, James Renken grew up in the small midwest town of Minonk, Illinois,a highly decorated U.S. Navy Seabee who achieved many awards during his 20 years of Naval service. He is also a Life Member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Fleet Reserve Association.